PaceMaker v3.0 alpha-II for Winamp3 (7/Sep/2003)

Copyright Olli Parviainen 2000-2003

Test version of PaceMaker tempo/pitch/playback rate component for Winamp3 is here!

Download PaceMaker v3.0 alpha-II for Winamp3 (157 kBytes).

Click here to read the PaceMaker v3.0 alpha-II README file.

Changes since the previous PaceMaker3 alpha:

Notice about Winamp3 and PaceMaker3 future: Nullsoft (the group developing Winamp) has obviously suspended Winamp3 development project. Unless Winamp3 development will be resumed, it's infeasible to continue developing PaceMaker component for a dying player platform, and in this light this may be the last PaceMaker component release for Winamp3 player for the time being. Future work among PaceMaker will concentrate around Winamp2 or some other actively developed player platform.

See the PaceMaker for Winamp2 page for, well, PaceMaker for Winamp2 player!

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