PaceMaker component v3.0 alpha-2 for Winamp3 (7/Sep/2003)

Copyright Olli Parviainen 2000-2003

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1. Introduction

PaceMaker is a component (plug-in) for Winamp3 player, enabling controlling the sound tempo, pitch and playback rate independetly from each other. That is, with PaceMaker it's possible to:

The "alpha" version means that this is a test release with still incomplete set of features. Please read a notice about future plans

2. System requirements

3. Activation & Uninstallation

4. PaceMaker control window

Usage tips

The sliders can be fine-adjusted with the mouse wheel or keyboard, just activate the desired slider first by clicking it (or its label) with a mouse button or use the 'tab' key to switch between the sliders. The currently active slider is indicated with green color.

5. Known issues

  1. Close PaceMaker window
  2. Restart Winamp3
  3. Change skin
  4. Open PaceMaker window

6. Troubleshooting & FAQ

Is there an expiration time limit in PaceMaker3?

No, this version doesn't have a time limit. There was an expiration date in the first alpha release of PaceMaker3, but it was removed because it's likely that this is also the last version of PaceMaker3 component for Winamp3 for the time being due to suspending of Winamp3 player development work by Nullsoft.

PaceMaker doesn't work with audio CD's played in my CD-ROM station.

PaceMaker processes the sound data that Winamp3 passes through it. If PaceMaker doesn't affect your audio CD's, ensure that "Enable CD audio extraction" is checked in "Audio CD Settings" page of Winamp preferences. If this doesn't help, it may also be that your CD-ROM drive can't extract audio data in binary format.

The music has breaks / My PC is too slow

Winamp3 requires quite a lot more CPU muscles than the good old Winamp2. If you have an older PC with say 150..300Mhz processor, you might be better off with the older Winamp version. You'll find Winamp 2.81 at and PaceMaker for that version at the PaceMaker page.

Is it possible to use PaceMaker routines in own applications / Is there a command-line tool for processing audio files in batch mode

Yes it is; Please contact the author if you'd wish to receive the source codes or otherwise have more information.

Please notice that I've released an open-source library having similar DSP routines than PaceMaker that can be used for doing sound processing in own applications. See the SoundTouch page for source codes and more details.

There have been queries on how the PaceMaker's DSP algorithms work; I've planned to write a description of the algorithms for quite some time, but have so far been too busy to compelete that. Will do so some day, hopefully...

7. Planned work

Notice concerning Winamp3 future: Nullsoft (the group developing Winamp) has obviously suspended Winamp3 development project. Unless Winamp3 development will be resumed, it's infeasible to continue developing PaceMaker component for a dying player platform, and in this light this will be the last PaceMaker component release for Winamp3 player for the time being. Future work among PaceMaker will concentrate around Winamp2 or some other actively developed player platform.

Original plans for the PaceMaker3 improvements included:

8. License & Warranty

The PaceMaker is provided "as is" without any external support or warranty. This software can be used and further distributed for non-commercial purposes. When distributing the software, all files in the original installation package have to be included and kept unchanged. The software can be distributed as a part of a program collection or a publication, as far as no other payment is demanded except for reasonable delivery costs.

Use of PaceMaker plug-in module or the source code as a part of a commercial product without author's permission are prohibited. Please contact author for further details.

The author won't take any responsibility for mental or social problems the software may cause.

9. Contact information

Check for updates at the product home page

The author can be contacted at <oparviai @>. When reporting bugs or missing features, please notice the above comment about the Winamp3 player future.

This document has been updated on 07-Sep-2003