Saving Modified mp3 songs

How to save songs modified with PaceMaker on hard disk in mp3 or wav audio format, or create custom audio CD's out of them?

Saving the modified songs

The modified mp3 songs can be saved on hard disk in windows audio (.wav) format by going to Winamp preferences (push <ctrl+p> in Winamp main window to open preferences), and choosing "Nullsoft Disk Writer plug-in" in the Output plug-ins category, see the picture beside.

You can choose the target directory where to save the files by pushing the "Configure" button in the preferences window, otherwise the C:\ root will be used by defalt.

When you'll now play songs with Winamp, you won't hear anything but the songs will be saved on the hard disk as they are, in .wav format, with all the modifications caused by dsp plug-ins (like PaceMaker).

When you're done with saving songs and would like to return back to the normal listening mode, go again to the Winamp preferences and choose there "Nullsoft waveOut plug-in" or "Nullsoft DirectSound plug-in" as the output plug-in.

Note : Please notice that wav audio files are HUGE compared with mp3 files, occupying about 10 MB of hard disk space per each minute, i.e. a full hour of music take ca. 605 MB.

Creating an audio CD out of the modified songs

If you have a CD+RW compatible drive installed in your PC, you can create an audio CD of the .wav files by the CD burner software usually supplied with your drive or computer.

Convert modified songs into mp3 format

If you keep the converted audio files on your hard drive, you likely wish to encode the .wav audio files into compressed audio format to shrink the file size to fraction of original. If you don't have any favourite encoder software, a good software that can encode wav files is e.g. CDex, available for free.

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