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SoundTouch Audio Processing Library


See the soundtouch git repository for the latest source codes and release tarballs

Download executable files here:

  • SoundStretch 2.3.3 for Windows [20-Mar-2024, 186 kibytes zip file]
  • SoundTouch DLL library 2.3.3 for Windows - SoundTouch routines in a dynamic-link library for application developers [29-Mar-2024, 217 kibytes zip file]
  • SoundStretch 2.1.2 for Mac OS [7-Dec-2018, 198 kibytes zip file].
  • SoundTouch Example App for Android - Simple Android example application that processes WAV audio files using SoundTouch native library. Source codes included in the SoundTouch package. [22-September-2018, 1203 kibytes APK file]
  • SoundStretch for Linux, Raspberry Pi etc: Some Linux distributions supply a SoundTouch package, please check your own distro package manager. Alternatively, download the source codes and build the binaries for your own computer.

Older releases

SoundStretch and DLL binaries for Windows:

SoundStretch binary for Apple Mac OS

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