Download PaceMaker plug-in for Winamp player versions here:

PaceMaker v2.7.3 [446 kBytes, released 22-Oct-2015]

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See here for older versions of PaceMaker.

What's new in this version:

  • v2.7.3: PaceMaker can now remember it's location & snap to edges of an alternative display, in systems that have more than one display
  • v2.7.3: For developers: Added control API message to get a handle for the Winamp player instance that opened PaceMaker
  • v2.7.2: Resolution to an issue that caused Winamp to stop playing the current song, if user rewinded the song for more than couple of seconds when the player was playing the final 30% of the current song (!)
  • v2.7.2: Minor sound quality improvements
  • v2.7.1: Installer supports installing the plug-in for MediaMonkey player
  • v2.7: Allow enlarging the PaceMaker control window size for easier visibility & control on high-resolution displays
  • v2.7: "memorize settings for each song" database can now properly handle songs whose names are longer than 255 characters

Please see the Change History section of FAQ for what's changed in the earlier versions.

Download other goodies:

  • In case you're looking for the player softawre download, download Winamp 5.8 here, or MediaMonkey player here!

  • Would like to control PaceMaker plug-in settings from your own application? That's possible, see here how.

  • If you're interested in using PaceMaker-like routines in your own application, check the open-source sound-processing programming library, SoundTouch

  • A fun stand-alone application "FakeVoice" by Guillaume Couriot (using PaceMaker routines): This application records sound from the soundcard, changes the sound pitch and outputs the result back to soundcard in real-time. Just plug in your microphone and play with your voice! Click here to download this application (155k)!

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