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SoundTouch Audio Processing Library

Applications using SoundTouch library

Here are listed public software using SoundTouch library.

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Application Description
Active DJ Studio ActiveX control that makes it easy adding sound playback and mixing capabilities to applications


Airfoil sends any audio to Apple's Airport Express
Amadeus II Powerful sound editor for Macintosh
iPhone & iPod Touch application for adjusting music tempo and pitch
Ardour  New digital audio workstation
Audacity  Free, Cross-Platform Sound Editor
Audio Optimizer Audio Optimizer ist ein sehr interessantes Tool zum bearbeiten Ihrer Audiodateien
Audioshift Tempo, Pitch and Vocal control application for smart phones and tablets running on Android v2.3-3.2 (Gingerbread to Honeycomb)
Avisynth Tool for video post-production
BASS FX BASS Audio library extension
BeSweet 'All-in-one' tool for audio transcoding
Dolphin Emulator Dolphin is an emulator for two recent Nintendo video game consoles: the GameCube and the Wii. It allows PC gamers to enjoy games for these two consoles in full HD with PC enhancements.
Firefox Free and open-source web browser developed by Mozilla Foundation
Foobar2000 Advanced audio player for the Windows platform
KJams Karaoke app for Mac and Windows
Mixxx Digital DJ'ing for all
MixVibes Professional DJ software
ModulaTemp Windows GUI for SoundTouch
Music Speed Changer Android Application that allows changing the speed of audio in real time without affecting the pitch, or change the pitch without changing the speed. Can also slow down song speed and loop sections of the music for easy practice
MythTV PVR project
OpenMPT Open Source Music Production application
pkaudio High performance audio/signal processing library
pksampler Aims to replace CD decks and turntables, as a superior source of media playback
Play it slowly Software to playback and loop audio files at a different speed or pitch to help learning and transcribe song (for Linux)
Practice# Utility for practicing instruments by playing & looping audio files with tempo and pitch controls. It will turn your playing skills sharper!
Practice Makes Perfect Android application that assists musicians, dancers, and choreographers in rehersal
Pulse Master Music transcribing and transposing software
pysnail A python package containing pitch-related functions


Open source graphical audio file editor


Powerful Audio Recording and Editing Software
Rhythmbox / rbpitch Rhythmbox is open source integrated music management application. RBPitch is a GUI plug-in for Rhytyhmbox providing user controls for  the audio tempo/pitch/speed.
Sonar4 Cakewalk's digital audio workstation
YATM Yet Another Time Machine

SoundTouch is additionally used in scientific research projects, karaoke player devices, DJ mixer systems, action games and mobile applications...

SoundTouch plug-ins for other audio software

Here are SoundTouch-based plug-ins for other audio software:

Master Application Description Plug-in 
Audiotools Powerful sound recorder and MP3 Converter Pitch/Speed
FLStudio Complete virtual studio xTal
FMOD Multi-platform audio engine Tempo/Pitch plug-in
GStreamer Open-source multimedia framework gstreamer-plugins-bad ;-)
Pure Data Real-time graphical programming environment for audio, video, and graphical processing [soundtouch~]
SAWstudio Time compression/expansion and pitch shifting plugin Sonoris Pitchtime
Winamp Media player PaceMaker